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Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Low Neo Shoe - Womens Gray/Purple ZR8HNzoT Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Low Neo Shoe - Womens Gray/Purple ZR8HNzoT Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Low Neo Shoe - Womens Gray/Purple ZR8HNzoT Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Low Neo Shoe - Womens Gray/Purple ZR8HNzoT

Student Financial Services

You can read the essay here .

What are the implications of Charlottesville for universities, and for those of us who believe that viewpoint diversity is a good thing, and who believe that we need more of it on many campuses? There are many, and its going to take us a while to work them all out. I have no time to write this week, but I just wanted to raise a few points briefly, as markers for future posts. I speak only for myself here. I hope others will chime in, in the comments, and in other posts.

1) Free Speech has now suffered from contagion . Anything Nazis support becomes stained. If Nazis said that carrots were their favorite vegetable, and they organized a march to promote carrots, many people would find carrots less desirable. Those of us who embrace the American tradition of free speech will now have a harder time promoting that tradition to students. This is likely to accelerate the Ariat Womens Terrain Hiking Boot Black 5AR0CjtNY
by each generation after the greatest generation. This is a shame all around, especially because, as Musa al-Gharbi and I argued in a recent Atlantic article, Aisun Womens Cute Casual Studded Round Toe Low Tops Thick Sole Platform Fashion Sneakers Flats Slip On Loafers Skateboard Shoes Gold ezpqWKoJi

2) We live in an age of outrage . Perceived atrocities by one’s enemies are used to justify atrocities by one’s own side. Everyone is immersed in high-quality outrage stories, delivered many times a day by social media. Here’s a two minute animation from an RSA talk I gave that illustrates our new national dynamic:

The net effect is that we get closer and closer to critical mass, or escape velocity—there are numerous metaphors from physics to describe a system that is on the verge of undergoing a radical change. Our rising polarization and the increasing endorsement of violence on both sides may be an existential threat to America. Recognizing this threat raises two immediate implications for universities:

A) Stronger moral passions will lead to stronger partisan sentiments and stronger confirmation biases. It will become even more difficult to do our work of discovering truth and educating students if discussions take place in the context of anger and activism rather than open-mindedness and curiosity.

B) In an age of outrage, universities should try even harder to remain politically neutral. To the extent that many elite universities are seen to be committed to helping one side in the culture war, universities may be making things worse, and they may pay a heavy price, particularly in red states. Adopting the CafePress Gothic Groom Flip Flops Funny Thong Sandals Beach Sandals Caribbean Blue FhvhagK49
would be a powerful statement of institutional neutrality. (Students are free to be partisans, but the university should not take sides on issues being debated).

3) Focus on intimidation, rather than free speech. Even if “free speech” no longer inspires many students, everyone appreciates how awful it is to live in fear of saying what they believe. For a while the intimidation on campus came mostly from the left, in the form of “call out” culture, Minnetonka Womens 299 BackZip Boot Dusty Brown c0ki2
, and as confirmed by jinfu Over Knee High Boots Suede Womens Stiletto Round Toe Platform Pump Shoes US 9 BNXstrYrJD
. But in the last year or two, the right has found a variety of new ways to intimidate and harass people on campus using news sites, “watch” sites, and social media, as I discussed in this blog post . Let’s focus on intimidation and do all we can to rid our schools of it, from all sources.

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Over time, it's possible you end up with several instances of the same person or company in your Highrise account.

When this happens, an admin or the Account Owner can merge together duplicate contacts. Users can only edit or merge contacts that they have created or imported.

admin or the Account Owner

If you’d like to be granted admin access to edit or merge any contacts , please have your Account Owner or another admin AmoonyFashion Womens Closed Round Toe High Heel PU Soft Material Solid Pumps Black 9KwifWM
to grant you access.

granted admin access to edit or merge any contacts follow these steps

The Account Owner and any admins can find a list of potential people duplicates from the right side of the Contacts page. This only includes people contacts. Company contacts companies are not included at this time.

Account Owner and any admins people

Here you'll find a list of potential people duplicates. The list is pulled together based off similar contact names.

Clicking on an individual contact's name will open it in a new window in your browser for you to view more information about that contact.

Use the arrows icon to merge the duplicates or the check mark icon to ignore the potential duplicates.

Note: Choosing to ignore potential duplicates is permanent. If you accidentally dismiss them from the list, you can manually merge those contacts instead.

Important : When merging contacts together, if a single field (i.e. company, title or a custom field) creates a conflict, the information from the oldest contact will be used. The oldest contact is marked by a star icon. Notes and emails will be moved to the merged contact. If a mistake is made, contacts themselves can be restored from the trash, but notes and emails will NOT be transferred back.

Important oldest

Choose the duplicate contact that you would like to remove from your account. This is the so-called loser of the merge. Navigate to their contact page, and click the Edit this person link in red.

Edit this person

Click the merge this person link on the right side of the page. Use the search field to find the winner of the merge before clicking the Merge these people button.

merge this person Merge these people

The notes, emails, tasks, and files from the loser contact's page will be copied over to the winner of the merge that you choose. The loser will then be deleted.

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Access to 300+ journals, for IFPRI and CGIAR Staff

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Resources from John Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Ccilu Womens Puzzle Sandalw Flip Flop Black Mm2gwcRLY

Mass digitization of China Knowledge resources, as well as creating the platform for global dissemination and value-added services.


Scientific literature digital library that can be used to search for documents and for citations by title, author, and subject. Provided by theSchoolofInformation Sciencesand Technology,PennStateand NEC Research Institute.

Copac provides free access to the merged online catalogs of majorUKand Irish university research libraries, plus the British Library the National Library of Scotland.

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The Harvard Dataverse Network is open to all scientific data from all disciplines worldwide. It includes the world's largest collection of social science research data

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Data from USAID's Demographic Health Surveys Program

AllhqFashion Womens Imitated Suede HighHeels PullOn PointedToe PumpsShoes Green ZNKnUPIT

Network of libraries for resource sharing.

Development Gateway

An interactive food security portal for information on development and povertyreduction.

Digital Library of the Commons

A gateway to the international literature on the commons, common-pool resources, and commonproperty.

EconLit™ with Full Text

EconLit™ with Full Text contains all of the indexing available in EconLit, plus full text for more than 560 journals, including theAmerican Economic Journals,Journal of Economic Perspectives (JEP),Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) andAmerican Economic Review (AER)

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Search the world’s largest collection of online economics working papers, journal articles, andsoftware.

Essential Science Indicators

Europa World of Learning

The international guide to the academic world

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The web-based Information System on European Agricultural Research for Development (ARD). It gathers data on European ARD organizations, funding, projects, training, experts, news and events to portray a Global ARD Landscape, has two sub regions:

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Access to technical publications on tropical agriculture, with an emphasis on low cost technology for small farms, focusing on the Asia Pacific Region